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Many people worked to create television. In 1862, Abbe Giovanna Caselli inventeda machine called the Pantelograph. Caselli was the first person to send a picture over wires. By the 1880s, Alexander Graham Bell
invented a machine that  transmitted pictures and sound over wires. His machine was called the Photophone.
The World’s Fair was held in Paris, France, in the year 1900. The first International Congress of Electricity was held at the World’s Fair. That was when the word television was first used – by a Russian named Constantin Perskyi. That name stuck, and is now shortened to “TV.”
At the beginning of TV history, there were several types of TV technology. One system was a  mechanical model based on a rotatingdisc. (Rotating discs are discs that spin like CDs.) The other system was  an electronic model. In 1906, Boris Rosing built the first working mechanical TV in Russia. In the 1920s, John  Logie Baird in England and Charles Francis Jenkins in the United States  demonstrated  improved mechanical
systems. Philo Taylor Farnsworth also showed an electronic system in San Francisco in 1927. His TV was the
forerunner of today’s TV, which is an electronic system based on his ideas.

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