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Native American Astrology : December Moon

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Native American Astrology

December Moon

December, Night Fire Moon: Nuupapana


December’s great path of the moon is suffering.

Out of suffering comes compassion for people we never noticed before, the ones in a crowd whose eyes we cannot meet. Out of suffering comes appreciation of what was overlooked before: a sunset, a dawn, a butterfly, the delicate movement of light on a wall. How long does anything last?
What is the nature of your suffering? Illness or accident? Something you did not do right? It is too late for regret. If the stones of suffering are too heavy, drop them. If pain is unbearable, imagine another world of white light. Pink blossoms. A gently flowing stream. Music. The laughter of children. Make yourself live in this imaginary place until the pain moves on.
There is a reason for your suffering. Pain is part of the lesson. Tell it to scour your heart. Pain is a way to acquire new eyes and ears. To be quiet when you have always spoken. To take a journey when you’d rather stay at home. To do with your hands one thing that you are really proud of . Pain will make it beautiful . Pain makes reality possible.
The day is a gift . Do not waste a single moment. Hold snow in your hand until it melts. Notice the color of the sky. Listen to the wind. Watch a bird flying south. Smell winter on the wind. Suffering is the transformation of the self into a sharper, clearer world. There, loving kindness begins.
Taken from “Dancing Moons” by Nancy Wood


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