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Native American Astrology : October Moon

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Native American Astrology

October Moon

October, Leaves Falling Moon: Olulpana


October’s great path of the moon is respect.

For us, the new year begins now and not in January. This is a time of sleeping seeds and birds flying south for the winter. Leaves begin to fall; the sun turns pale in the sky. It is the Moon of Putting Away and the Moon of Remembering Old Names. Preparation begins for the coming winter. We look for signs of whether it will be a hard winter: Do the clouds have long tails? Does the chipmunk work harder, storing food for winter? Does ice have an early voice? What does the raven say? Does the coyote change his song? Do our hearts stir with warning.
Now is the time to learn respect for all living things–even for those who are not your friends. Is there a voice from your past that you didn’t pay attention to? Take time to mend broken connections. Find out why someone does not like you; respect that person even so.
Respect starts on the simplest level. Walk to the mountains where the first snow has already fallen. Notice that the stream has a collar of ice along the edges. Dry leaves move on the wind, sighing. Inside you, something calms down. Turn your face to the sun: For everything in the past, thank you. To the future, yes.
Respect is a matter of equality, even in the worst of times.
Taken from “Dancing Moons” by Nancy Wood


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