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Native American Stories : The Hunting Medicine


The Hunting Medicine

Eight Indians once went to seek Manabush . They wished to ask some favors of the demi-god . They went to the shore of a great water . There they took canoes and paddled toward the rising sun . After a long journey they reached the rocky land where Manabush lived . Here they drew their canoes up on the shore . They soon found his wigwam. In it they saw Manabush, who invited them to enter . The moved up and down . Each time one of the Indians entered it came down and closed the entrance . Then it raised to allow the next man to enter .
When all had entered and seated themselves Manabush asked why they had traveled so great a distance to see him . All but one Indian replied that they wanted some hunting medicine . They wished to be able to supply their people with plenty of food . Manabush granted their request . Manabush now asked the Indian, who had not joined in this request, what he desired . He said, I do not desire hunting medicine . I wish you to give me everlasting life . ” Manabush was angry . He took this man by the shoulders and pushed him down, saying as he did this, “You shall be a stone . Thus you will be everlasting .”

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