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Indian Astrology : Leo



Indian Astrology


These are the characteristic features of Leo :

Ruler: Sun
5th Zodiac sign
Season: Summer
Element: Fire
Stone: Ruby
Color: Gold, Orange
Metal: Gold
Anatomy: The heart.
Modality: Fixed

Leo is regarded as the 5th sign of zodiac chart and they are the centre of attraction, wherever they go. Moreover, they are known for leaving

their mark of impression and this is their prominent jobs. Certainly, these people are known to have the maximum amount of personal

magnetism and therefore they can accomplish this task in an easy and effectual way. One of their behavioral traits is that they are very

ambitious people and they are having a lot of strength within themselves.

This is one of the biggest reasons that they are able to accomplish a lot of things and they are very creative in nature as well. You can easily

find many people who are born under this zodiac sign would be signing or dancing on the stage. They are having the unique qualities that

they would never run from the limelight and they are always full of enthusiasm and this is also one of the reasons that they are loved by

everyone. These people are known to take a lot of pleasure and entertainment from their lives. This is one of the zodiac sign that is

symbolized through the lion and he is regarded as king or queen of that area.

These people are known to have the qualities of rulers and they are also having the immense power within themselves as well. Moreover,

they are known to have the strong and dignified personalities and it is due to their power only that they are able to achieve a lot of things in

their lives. It is recommended that you should be having the Leo person in your tram and this would help you with the completion of projects

in an easy way. If has been said, that if you are a Leo, then the individual would be comprise of autocratic leadership qualities and they are

born leaders. They are known to have their own thought process and they can take their decisions in the best way.

Moreover, these people are interested in playing both outdoor as well as indoor games and they make the most out of it. These people are

known to be the best at numerous things and it is imperative that they would be ruling the hearts of people. However, they are always

surrounded by numerous people and they enjoy the company of royal and class. They are full of ambition, loyalty and warmth and they can

easily inspire other people as well.

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