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Indian Astrology


Indian Astrology

Importance of the Indian astrology is manifested in the form of elements such as the air along with the water and the air that would go a long

way in creating a deep seated impact on the people. Fire is invoked by the planet mars and Saturn is the catalyst of air is an amazing manner.

Similarly Venus which corresponds to water is one of the most famous planets in the Indian astrology.

The astrology of ancient Jyotish is the prelude to the twelve signs which play a very important role in creating an instant impact on the users.

Relation of the majority of the signs is a very important component and creates instant impact on the users.

Sidereal astrology is different from the Hellenistic astrology which is dependent on the Greek concepts assimilated from the Babylonian


Nakshatras are considered to be the lunar mansions high up in the sky which creates a huge impression on the people and impact their lives

as well as behavior.

No    Sanskrit     Sanskrit                          Sanskrit       Western           Greek            Gloss             Tattva        Quality                          Ruling Planet


1        मेष               Meṣa                               ram             Aries              Κριός              ram              Tejas (Fire)              Cara (Movable)            Mars
2        वृषभ            Vṛṣabha                          bull             Taurus           Ταῦρος           bull             Prithivi (Earth)       Sthira (Fixed)                Venus
3        मिथुन          Mithuna                        twins          Gemini           Δίδυμοι          twins          Vayu (Air)       Dvisvabhava (Dual)                Mercury
4        कर्कट           Karkaṭa                         crab              Cancer           Καρκίνος      crab             Jala (Water)           Cara (Movable)               Moon
5        सिंह             Siṃha                             lion               Leo                Λέων              lion             Tejas (Fire)              Sthira (Fixed)                  Sun
6        कन्या           Kanyā                            girl               Virgo              Παρθένος     virgin         Prithivi (Earth)       Dvisvabhava (Dual)       Mercury
7         तुला            Tulā                                balance         Libra              Ζυγός            balance       Vayu (Air)               Cara (Movable)              Venus
8        वृश्चिक        Vṛścika                          scorpion        Scorpio         Σκoρπιός       scorpion     Jala (Water)            Sthira (Fixed)                Mars
9        धनुष            Dhanus                         bow               Sagittarius     Τοξότης         archer        Tejas (Fire)             Dvisvabhava (Dual)      Jupiter
10       मकर           Makara                         sea-monster   Capricorn    Αἰγόκερως    goat-horned  Prithivi (Earth)  Cara (Movable)             Saturn
11         कुम्भ         Kumbha                        pitcher            Aquarius      Ὑδροχόος     water-pourer  Vayu (Air)        Sthira (Fixed)                 Saturn
12        मीन           Mīna                              fish                  Pisces            Ἰχθεῖς             fish               Jala (Water)      Dvisvabhava (Dual)    Jupiter

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