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Some Jokes – Sixty One

Some Jokes

A blonde man ran into the house breathless and he said to his blonde wife : “Honey, you should be so proud of me, I just saved $1.50 by not taking the bus, but I chased it all the way home

The wife replied : “You want a medal for that?

You should have chased a cab and saved yourself 15 $



Q: Why did the blonde tip toe past the medicine cabinet?
A: She didn’t want to wake the sleeping pills.


Q: Why does the blonde have the biggest breasts in the third grade?
A: Because she’s 21.


One day, a blonde went to the doctor with both sides of her face burned. The doctor asked, “What happened?” The blonde said, “Well, I was ironing my husband’s shirt until the phone rang. I picked it up and half my face was burnt!” The doctor replied, “What about the other half?” The blonde answered, “They called back.”


A blonde woman walks into a store and asks about the TV in the corner to the clerk. The clerk says, “Sorry ma’am, we don’t serve blondes.” The woman goes home and dyes her hair black. The next day she comes back and asks again. The clerk says, “Sorry ma’am, we don’t serve blondes.” The woman goes home and dyes her hair red. The next day she goes to the store and there’s a different clerk there. She asks the clerk about the TV. The clerk replies, “Sorry ma’am, we don’t serve blondes.” The woman asks him, “Why?” The clerk says, “Because that’s not a TV; it’s a Aquarium.”


What do you do if a blonde throws a grenade at you?

Pull the pin and throw it back.


A blonde is walking down the street and a car pulled up next to her. The man in the car says to her, ”What do you have in the bag?” The blonde replies: ”I have chickens!” The man thinks for a moment and says, ”If I can guess how many chickens you have in the bag, can I have one?” The blonde thinks that it sounds fair and replies, ”Okay, but I’ll make the bet even better! If you can guess exactly how many chickens I have in the bag I will give you BOTH of them!”

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