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Jacob Tsiperovich : The Man, Who Does Not Sleep

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Jacob Tsiperovich : The Man, Who Does Not Sleep

In Germany, Halle lives an unusual and one of the most amazing people on the planet, his name is Jacob Tsiperovich. The essence of his story is in 1979 as a result of poisoning, this man survived the state of clinical death. Clinical death lasting an hour or so, that in itself is absolutely impossible, because the cells of the cerebral cortex die within 3-5 minutes after cardiac arrest, but the most interesting is not it, but that woke a week after the incident, the man lost ability to sleep – and not just to sleep, he could not even lie down.Cost him only to take a horizontal position, as some force literally threw it up, and it lasted 16 years. And all these 16 years he was in a state of absolute lack of sleep, which in terms of medicine and of all our knowledge about the person – is impossible. In 1995 he started yoga, and meditation and with other Eastern practices he was able to get your body to take a horizontal position, but no more than 2-3 hours. But the most unusual in all this is that all these years, this man is absolutely no change in appearance. He is now 51 years old, but over 25 it is impossible to give, and this leads to certain thoughts. But most importantly after the experienced clinical death, his body temperature does not rise above 34 degrees. Many experts believe that this is the reason of his youth. Unfortunately, the German science as well as Russia, 100% can not say anything about it.

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