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The Tongariki Ahu complex

The Tongariki Ahu complex

The most famous of all the Moai Statues on Easter Island: The Tongariki Ahu complex. It comprises 15 statues that stand on the southeast part of the island. These statues were actually toppled and then carried inland by a tsunami that was caused by an earthquake in 1960. One of the statues weighs in at roughly 86 tons and is the largest Moai Statue that was ever erected at Easter Island.
In 1992, under the supervision of a Chilean archaeologist, the statues were restored to their original positions. The task took 5 years with help of the Japanese equipment. This is one of the best sites to see the sunrise at Easter Island while the other end (west) of the island is best for to see the Moai Statues at sunset.

The Tongariki Ahu complex - 1 The Tongariki Ahu complex - 2 map_tongariki The Tongariki Ahu complex - 3

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