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Some Jokes – Seven

 Some Jokes


A doctor is examining a patient in ER. After a while he is telling to her wife:
-I don’t like your husband`s appearance at all.
-I don’t like too, but he`s rich and treats me very well.


A family had a cat as a pet, but the husband did not like it at all, so he decided to get rid of it. One day he took it and went to the next door street, where he let it go away. Then he went home back. He rang at the door, his wife opened and he saw the cat in the flat. The next day he took it again and went to a far away part of the city. He let it go there, too and went back home. The cat was already there, waiting for him.
After some days the husband took the cat and went out of the city. He drove in the field, turned right, then left and repeated this several times. Finally he opened the car`s door and the cat ran out. Then the husband started to drive back .After some time he realized he had lost the way. He called his wife and asked if the cat was already at home. The wife replied that it was there. Then the husband asked her wife to give the phone to the cat, because he wanted to ask it the way back home.

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