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سروده ای از خواجه حافظ شیرازی : ‫آن کيست کز روی کرم با ما وفاداری کند

Hefez - b1


‫آن کيست کز روی کرم با ما وفاداری کند‬
‫بر جای بدکاری چو من يک دم نکوکاری کند‬

اول به بانگ نای و نی آرد به دل پيغام وی‬
‫وان گه به يک پيمانه می با من وفاداری کند‬

دلبر که جان فرسود از او کام دلم نگشود از او‬
‫نوميد نتوان بود از او باشد که دلداری کند‬

گفتم گره نگشوده ام زان طـره تا من بوده ام‬
‫گفتا منش فرموده ام تا با تو طراری کند‬

پشمينه پوش تندخو از عشق نشنيده است بو‬
‫از مستيش رمزی بگو تا ترک هشياری کند‬

چون من گدای بینشان مشکل بود ياری چنان‬
‫سلطان کجا عيش نهان با رند بازاری کند‬

زان طـره پرپيچ و خم سهل است اگر بينم ستم‬
‫از بند و زنجيرش چه غم هر کس که عياری کند‬

شد لشکر غم بی عدد از بخت می خواهم مدد‬
‫تا فخر دين عبدالصمد باشد که غمخواری کند‬

با چشم پرنيرنگ او حافظ مکن آهنگ او‬
‫کان طـره شبرنگ او بسيار طراری کند‬

Hefez -b2

Who is that one, who, by way of manliness, fidelity with me will make;
In respect of an ill-doer like me, once a good deed will make?
First, to the sound of the harp and of the reed, me, His message, he will bring:
Then, with a measure of wine, fidelity with me, he will make.
The Heart-ravisher, for whom my soul withered; by whom, the desire of my heart
opened not:
Of Him, one cannot be hopeless. Perchance, loving kindness, He may make.
I said “So long as I have been, I have not loosed a knot from that tress:”
He said: “I have ordered it. With thee, readiness it shall make.”
The wool-wearer, sullen of disposition hath not perceived love’s perfume:
Of its intoxication, utter a hint, that, abandonment of sensibleness he may make.
A beggar, void of mark, like me! A Friend like that was difficult to:
Hidden pleasure with the common bazar-haunter, where doth the Soltan make?
‘Tis easy if, from that tress, full of twist and turn, I experience tyranny:
Or its bond and chain, what grief that one’s, who, coming and going, may make?
Countless, became grief’s army. From fortune, I seek aid.
Until, perchance, consolation Fakhru-d-Din Abdu-s-Samad may make.
Hafez! With this eye full of sorcery, attempt Him not:
For that tress of night hue of His many a deceit shall make.


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