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Does Your Job SUCK


Does Your Job SUCK?

Many of us live as slaves…slaves to our paychecks. As much as we’d love to live in a cashless society that sounds utopian and hard to be achieved in the present moment. Food, clothes, gas…everything costs money, no matter how simple your needs are, you’d probably need some amount of cash to meet them. Money itself is neither good nor bad. Some worship it as a god, others demonize it, but it’s just a tool that could be pretty useful if you have it and use it the right way.
Anyway, money is not the object here, but the way you earn it… Does your job SUCK?
I myself have had some jobs which I was good at, but weren’t really my cup of tea. I’ve been garbage man, server, creamer, cashier, banquette staff, wedding consultant, housekeeper, advertiser, project manager, graphic and web designer, writer and editor and I, my friends, am just 23 years old. The managers at all those jobs were promising me career if I stayed for a few years, but I chose another path.. I prefer insecurity, it works better for me as personal motivation. I worked with people who had worked for 5-10-20 or more years at the same place, I became friends with many of them and they were all good people who just chose the path of security and that’s okay. Not everybody is an adventurer who is willing to live on the edge of not knowing whether he’d be able to pay the next rent or not. I’m getting to the point, stay with me… Negative thinking
When you crawl out of your bed, eat breakfast with a frown on your face, thinking about the awful people you will meet at work and how you should half-ass some direful tasks then your day would most probably be horrible. The more you think how much your job sucks, the worse it becomes and the more miserable you are about it. When you open your eyes in the morning, think of how lucky you are to wake up, have a bed and a roof over your head, some food in your fridge, maybe even a book on your nightstand. Now, you have to go trough some tasks during the day in order to keep your current status and guess what, some of those tasks might challenge you and actually make you a bit better than you were yesterday. When you change your thinking your world changes as well, it gets a bit brighter.

“When you think everything is someone else´s fault, you will suffer a lot. When you realize that everything springs only from yourself, you will learn both peace and joy”
Do not overcomplicate your job
Your job makes you nervous? Time passes by too slow? Even the Dalai Lama would be stressed if he had to spend all day in your office? Nope… staying all day and hard tasks do not make you nervous, impatience and overthinking do. Try to relax, it is scientifically proven that when you are relaxed, you are way more productive than when stressed. Do not take your job more seriously than needed.
Your boss gave you an impossible deadline? Ask someone to help you or just go get some fresh air, meditate for a few minutes, by losing 20-30 minutes for that you’d probably do the task twice as fast as when you are stressed.
Try to have fun and enjoy it
At every single job I’ve done I managed to find a way to have fun while working. Play with it, steal a few minutes to laugh, find like-minded colleagues to chat with, do something that you enjoy. Even at the most serious jobs you can steal those 2-5 minutes and do something fun, that fuels you for hours even for the most uncreative and boring work.

We need money to survive in our society, most people get it from working. We would always encourage people to pursue their dreams, but often they need to find jobs in order to survive on the way to their dreams. There aren’t any bad jobs – they are all what you make of them. We can complain, or we can have fun and extract all the good from them, find good friends, learn from our experience…
After all, it is up to us whether we suffer from our jobs or benefit from them.
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