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Better Than Coffee As A Pick-me Up


Better Than Coffee As A Pick-me Up?

Better than Coffee as a Pick-Me Up?
In yoga, there is a type of breathing exercise that is invigorating and used specifically for cleansing.
The cleansing happens both in the nasal passages which are prone to feeling clogged, and also of the mind to release that foggy feeling that can happen throughout the day.
Caution: It is important to be careful with this technique because there is a danger of creating tension in the breath. We may also become dizzy and because of this it is important to end with some slow breaths. It is important not to breathe rapidly too many times, but after a few rapid breaths take several slow ones emphasizing a long exhalation.
Wake Up Breathing
1. Sit comfortably with a tall spine
2. Take a few regular and then deeper breaths and relax
3. Inhale: allowing your belly to expand like a balloon
4. Exhale forcefully through the nostrils by contracting the abdominal muscles and then passively (spontaneous free natural ) allow the inhalation to happen. Repeat this several times slowly (up to 5 times; when this is comfortable can increase to 20).
5. Gradually pick up the pace and find a rhythm that suits you
6. After each round, exhale completely and take several slower breaths

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