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سروده ای از خواجه حافظ شیرازی : دوش وقت سحر از غصه نجاتم دادند



‫دوش وقت سحر از غصه نجاتم دادند‬
‫واندر آن ظلمت شب آب حياتم دادند‬

بيخود از شعشعه پرتو ذاتم کردند‬
‫باده از جام تجّـلی صفاتم دادند‬

چه مبارک سحری بود و چه فرخنده شبی‬
‫آن شب قدر که اين تازه براتم دادند‬

بعد از اين روی من و آينه وصف جمال‬
‫که در آن جا خبر از جلوه ذاتم دادند‬

من اگر کامروا گشتم و خوشدل چه عجب‬
‫مستحق بودم و اينها به زکاتم دادند‬

هاتف آن روز به من مژده اين دولت داد‬
‫که بدان جور و جفا صبر و ثباتم دادند‬

اين همه شهد و شکر کز سخنم می ريزد‬
‫اجر صبريست کز آن شاخ نباتم دادند‬

همت حافظ و انفاس سحرخيزان بود‬
‫که ز بند غم ايـام نجاتم دادند‬


Last night, at morning time, me freedom from grief, they gave.
And, in that darkness of night, me the water-of-life they gave.
Through the effulgence of the ray of His essence, me senseless, they made:
From the cup of splendor of His qualities, me wine they gave.
It was a morning, how auspicious! And a moment how joyous!
That “Night-of Power” when me, this new command, they gave:
After this my face and the mirror of the glory of Beauty;
For in it, me news of His splendor they gave.
If I became desire-gainer and happy of heart, what wonder?
Deserving, I was; and me, these as alms they gave.
That day, me glad tidings of this fortune the invisible messenger gave:
That in respect to that violence and tyranny, me, patience and endurance they gave.
This sweet that
The blessing of Hafez and the breathings of morning-risers it was
That me, freedom from the bond of Time’s grief they gave.


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