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Kawah Ijen : The Blue Volcano in Indonesia

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Kawah Ijen : The Blue Volcano in Indonesia

Located in East Java, Indonesia is a volcano that spews blue colored flames.
It looks like something out of Harry Potter,
like a wizard might jump up out of the center and into the sky at any moment.
At a whooping kilometer-wide, the acidic crater that gushes blue flames is located at Kawah Ljen.
Here, tourists regularly visit just to get a glimpse of the bright blue beauty.
So what causes this volcano to erupt blue? Every night the same familiar blue glow creeps out of the Kawah Ljen volcano, as the gases bubble up from beneath the volcanic cracks.
These gases are under a great deal of pressure, which is only intensified by the scorching temperatures present (over 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit). In order for sulfur to melt it only needs to reach temperatures of 239 degrees Fahrenheit.
As soon as these gases leak out and touch the oxygen rich air, the gases erupt, shooting flames as high as 16 feet into the sky. As the gases shift into a liquid state, what looks like glistening blue lava flows down the sides of the volcano slope.
It might look like lava, but what you are witnessing is not actually lava, instead the blue results from a glow produced by sulfuric gases. From a distance the blue volcano can look like a campfire for Smurfs, one that only burns brightly at night. The same process takes place all day long, but the blue results are only visible in darkness.
Oliver Grunewald is a well-known French photographer who has taken some incredibly stunning photographs of this mystical site. When he photographs the area he always brings along his gas mask in order to protect himself against the toxic fumes that surround.

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