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سروده ای از خواجه حافظ شیرازی : هر که شد محرم دل در حرم يار بماند



‫هر که شد محرم دل در حرم يار بماند‬
‫وان که اين کار ندانست در انکار بماند‬

اگر از پرده برون شد دل من عيب مکن‬
‫شکر ايزد که نه در پرده پندار بماند‬

صوفيان واستدند از گرو می همه رخت‬
‫دلق ما بود که در خانه خمار بماند‬

محتسب شيخ شد و فسق خود از ياد ببرد‬
‫قصه ماست که در هر سر بازار بماند‬

هر می لعل کز آن دست بلورين ستديم‬
‫آب حسرت شد و در چشم گهربار بماند‬

جز دل من کز ازل تا به ابد عاشق رفت‬
‫جاودان کس نشنيديم که در کار بماند‬

گشت بيمار که چون چشم تو گردد نرگس‬
‫شيوه تو نشدش حاصل و بيمار بماند‬

از صدای سخن عشق نديدم خوشتر‬
‫يادگاری که در اين گنبد دوار بماند‬

داشتم دلقی و صد عيب مرا می پوشيد‬
‫خرقه رهن می و مطرب شد و زنار بماند‬

بر جمال تو چنان صورتگر چين حيران شد‬
‫که حديثش همه جا در در و ديوار بماند‬

به تماشاگه زلفش دل حافظ روزی‬
‫شد که بازآيد و جاويد گرفتار بماند‬


Whoever became the confidant of his own heart, in the sacred fold of the Beloved
remained :
He, who knew not this matter, in ignorance remained.
If, forth from the screen, went my heart censure not:
Thanks to God, that not, in the screen of thought, it remained.
Out from pawn for wine, the Sufis took their khirka:
Our darvish-habit, it was that, in the vintner’s house, remained.
Mohtaseb became Sheikh and forgot his own sin.
Our tale is that which, at the head of every market, remained.
Every red wine that, from that crystal hand, I took,
Became the water of regret; and, in my eye, the jewel of rain remained.
Save my heart, that, from eternity without beginning to eternity without end, proceeded
Thy lover,
I have heard of none, who ever in the work remained.
That, like Thy eye, it might become, the narcissus became sick:
Its habit was not gained by it; and, sick, it remained.
More pleasant than the sound of love’s speech, naught I heard:
A great token, that, in this revolving dome remained.
A darvish garment, I had; and it concealed a hundred faults:
For wine and the minstrel, the khirka was pawned; and the mystical cord remained.
The Chinese painter became astonished of Your face,
Such that its story on very door and wall, remained.
One day, to the spectacle-place of Thy tress, Hafez’s heart
Went that it would return; but, ever, captive to Thy tress, it remained.


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