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The Pink Fairy Armadillo

The Pink Fairy Armadillo:

This is probably one of the strangest creatures that you’ll ever encounter. Unlike most armadillos, which have leathery shells that cover nearly all of their back and sides, the pink fairy has a small strip of armor that looks more like a fashion accessory than a part of its body. And while all armadillo have a soft underbelly that is covered in fur, the pink fairy has long tufts of white fur spreading out from its pink back. What’s more, most armadillos have dark armor (usually brown); however, the pink fairy has armor that is, well, pink. 


Ultimately, this amazing little guy looks like a bleached groundhog that is dressed up all fancy.

The pink fairy armadillo (scientific classification Chlamyphorus truncatus) is the smallest armadillo species. Sadly, they were listed as endangered in 1996, but its current status is unknown. However, considering that their habitat (the warm sandy plains of Argentina) is continually being overtaken by man, there is cause for some concern.

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