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سروده ای از خواجه حافظ شیرازی : صبا به تهنيت پير می فروش آمد

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‫صبا به تهنيت پير می فروش آمد‬
‫که موسم طرب و عيش و ناز و نوش آمد‬
‫هوا مسيح نفس گشت و باد نافه گشای‬
‫درخت سبز شد و مرغ در خروش آمد‬
‫تنور لاله چنان برفروخت باد بهار‬
‫که غنچه غرق عرق گشت و گل به جوش آمد‬
‫به گوش هوش نيوش از من و به عشرت کوش‬
‫که اين سخن سحر از هاتفم به گوش آمد‬
‫ز فکر تفرقه بازآی تا شوی مجموع‬
‫به حکم آن که چو شد اهرمن سروش آمد‬
‫ز مرغ صبح ندانم که سوسن آزاد‬
‫چه گوش کرد که با ده زبان خموش آمد‬
‫چه جای صحبت نامحرم است مجلس انس‬
‫سر پياله بپوشان که خرقه پوش آمد‬
‫ز خانقاه به ميخانه میرود حافظ‬
‫مگر ز مستی زهد ريا به هوش آمد‬


For the congratulation of the Pir, wine-seller, the morning-breeze came
Saying: “The season of joy, and of pleasure, and of freshness, and of sweet ness is
The air became Jesus’ breath, and the dust, musk-diffusing:
Green, the tree became; and into song the bird came.
The oven of the tulip the spring-breeze enkindled to such a degree, ‘
That, immersed in sweat the rose-bud became; and into agitation, the rose came.
With the ear of sense, listen to me; and for ease, strive:
For, to my ear, from an invisible messenger, this matter of the morning came.
From the thought of separation, come out, so that collected thou mayst be,
Since when Ahriman went, Surosh came.
From the bird of the morning, I know not the noble lily,
What it heard, that, notwithstanding its ten tongues, silent it became.
The assembly of affection is the place of society of the excluded what!
Cover the mouth of the cup; for the khirka-wearer is came.
From the cloister to the wine-house, Hafez goeth:
Perchance, from the intoxication of austerity and of hypocrisy to sense he is came.

مقبره حافظ

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