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Native American Stories : Night turned into day


Night turned into day

Many years ago when animals could talk to each other,
there was a village that had been darkened by an evil man.
He had taken the daylight because he was jealous of the prosperity
and love of others by the people.
The people were trying to find a way to get the daylight back.

The Mighty Eagle said,
“I will go and make a hole in the sky so that Grandmother Sun can shine through
and bring her warmth for the land and for us
and the people so that we won’t be cold.

The Mighty Eagle flew to the sky but couldn’t make a hole in the darkness.
He tried again and again,
and finally made a hole just big
enough for him to get through.

When he entered the sky he saw his dear friend Little Star,
and told him the problems the people in the village were having.
“Could you please Dear Little Star
help me to bring Grandmother Sun back to the people?”

Little Star said, “sure my brother,
but you will need more light than I can give.
I am bright but not that bright!
We need a much larger hole in the sky
so that Grandmother Sun can cast her light on me
and I can cast it upon my friend The Great White Swan.

Once the Mighty Eagle had made the hole larger,
the Swan was just able to just squeeze through.
And as Grandmother Sun cast her light on the Little Star,
he cast his light on the Swan, who spread her wings and there
was daylight again in the valley below.

Now that there was light again
the Mighty Eagle told the people to pack up all of their belongings,
so that he could lead them into the valley of light
and so that they could walk in a path of light instead of a path of darkness.

Story source : Spiritwal4 and LtL ANT.

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