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Ditch the Fear of Fish: Three Tips for Cooking Fish Correctly


Ditch the Fear of Fish: Three Tips for Cooking Fish Correctly
When it comes to food, most people that love to cook are willing to try almost anything. Whether you just got in the most perfect cuts of lamb or the farmers market has some new kind of produce, most foodies are more than happy to try anything once. Despite the adventurous nature of many foodies, there’s one type of food that a lot of people refuse to try: fish.
Maybe they had a bad experience in the past with fish, or maybe they’ve only eaten fish sticks and other processed seafood. Either way, it’s time to stop the seafood hate and to start loving the fruits of the sea. Aside from the fact that most seafood is packed with protein and other nutrients, seafood can be very tasty. If you’re ready to try something new from the sea, follow these tips when you make a seafood dish.
Pick high quality seafood
Sometimes the quality of your food can really affect how it tastes, and if you aren’t a fan of fish, it’s possible that you’ve just been stuck with poor quality varieties. Make sure to only buy seafood from a seller that offers superior products. If they have good cuts of meat, it’s relatively safe to assume that their seafood will be high quality as well. Look for certifications such as HACCP and BAP (Best Aquaculture Practices) or phrases like “sustainably raised” and “flash frozen.” Once you learn where to buy seafood online, you’ll be able to start making tasty food.
Learn about “fat” and “lean” fishes
Don’t let the names fool you – the difference between fat and lean species of fish has more to do with the oil they contain. Fatty fish usually have an oil content that’s over 5%, and lean fish have oil content that can range from 0.5% to 5%. Most lean fish can still maintain a good quality after being frozen and are usually more white-fleshed. Fatty fish are usually darker, and because of their higher oil content, they don’t freeze as well unless flash frozen at the peak of freshness. Fatty fish are known for their strong flavor, so if prefer a milder taste, you should stick to lean ones.
Time it well
People end up messing up their fish when they prepare it because they treat it like any other meat. Chicken, pork, and beef take much longer to cook than fish, so many people end up over-cooking their seafood. Most people prefer to use the “10 minute rule” when they cook fish. Measure your fish at its thickest point, and cook it 10 minutes per inch. For instance, if you have a cut of fish that is one inch thick, cook it for five minutes, turn it over, and let the other side cook for another five. After the time has passed, you’ll have a thoroughly cooked fish – but not overcooked.

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