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سروده ای از خواجه حافظ شیرازی : زاهد خلوت نشين دوش به ميخانه شد

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‫زاهد خلوت نشين دوش به ميخانه شد‬
‫از سر پيمان برفت با سر پيمانه شد‬
‫صوفی مجلس که دی جام و قدح می شکست‬
‫باز به يک جرعه می عاقل و فرزانه شد‬
‫شاهد عهد شباب آمده بودش به خواب‬
‫باز به پيرانه سر عاشق و ديوانه شد‬
‫مغبچه ای می گذشت راه زن دين و دل‬
‫در پی آن آشنا از همه بيگانه شد‬
‫آتش رخسار گل خرمن بلبل بسوخت‬
‫چهره خندان شمع آفت پروانه شد‬
‫گريه شام و سحر شکر که ضايع نگشت‬
‫قطره باران ما گوهر يک دانه شد‬
‫نرگس ساقی بخواند آيت افسونگری‬
‫حلقه اوراد ما مجلس افسانه شد‬
‫منزل حافظ کنون بارگه پادشاست‬
‫دل بر دلدار رفت جان بر جانانه شد‬

مقبره حافظ

Last night, to the wine-house, Zahed, sitting in khalwat, went :
From the head of his covenant, he departed; and to the head of the cup, went.
Yesterday, the distraught Sufi who broke the cup and the goblet:
Yester-night, by one draught of wine, wise and learned became.
To him, in dream, the mistress of youth’s time had come:
With elderly head, lover and distraught he became.
A young Magian, the highwayman of truth and of heart, passed:
In pursuit of that Friend, a stranger to all else, he became.
The fire of the cheek of the rose consumed the nightingale’s harvest:
The moth’s calamity, the laughing face of the candle, became.
Evening and morning, our weeping-thanks that it was not lost:
A peerless jewel, a drop of our raining became.
The narcissus of the Saki uttered a spell of sorcery:
The assembly of sorcery, the circle of our religious readings became.
Now the stage of Hafez is the banquet-place of Kings.
To the Heart-possessor, his heart went; to the Beloved, his soul went.


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