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سروده ای از خواجه حافظ شیرازی : ستاره ای بدرخشيد و ماه مجلس شد



‫ستاره ای بدرخشيد و ماه مجلس شد‬
‫دل رميده ما را رفيق و مونس شد‬

نگار من که به مکتب نرفت و خط ننوشت‬
‫به غمزه مسله آموز صد مدرس شد‬

به بوی او دل بيمار عاشقان چو صبا‬
‫فدای عارض نسرين و چشم نرگس شد‬

به صدر مصطبه ام می نشاند اکنون دوست‬
‫گدای شهر نگه کن که مير مجلس شد‬

خيال آب خضر بست و جام اسکندر‬
‫به جرعه نوشی سلطان ابوالفوارس شد‬

طربسرای محبت کنون شود معمور‬
‫که طاق ابروی يار منش مهندس شد‬

لب از ترشح می پاک کن برای خدا‬
‫که خاطرم به هزاران گنه موسوس شد‬

کرشمه تو شرابی به عاشقان پيمود‬
‫که علم بی خبر افتاد و عقل بی حس شد‬

چو زر عزيز وجود است نظم من آری‬
‫قبول دولتيان کيميای اين مس شد‬

ز راه ميکده ياران عنان بگردانيد‬
‫چرا که حافظ از اين راه رفت و مفلس شد‬


The star gleamed; and the moon of the assembly became:
Of our affrighted heart, the consoler and comforter became.
My idol, who to school went not; and writing wrote not:
With a glance, the precept-teacher of a hundred schools became.
By His perfume, the sick heart of lovers, like the breeze,
For the cheek of the wild rose, and for the eye of the narcissus, a ransom became.
Now, in the chief seat of the inn. the Beloved placeth us:
Behold the city-beggar who, the chief of the assembly became!
Fancy established the water of Khizr, and the cup of Kay Khosro:
With one sweet draught, the Soltan Abul-Farwaris, it became.
Now, became prosperous the joy of the palace of love:
When, its geometrician, the arch of my beloved’s eye-brow became.
Make pure thy lip of the excess of wine for God’s sake:
For, with thousands of sins, a mutterer to itself, my heart became.
To lovers, thy glance poured such a draught of wine,
That senseless fell science; void of understanding, reason became.
Like the precious gold of existence, is my verse. Yes:
The alchemy of this copper, the acceptance of the wealthy became.
Friends; from the path of the wine-house, turn the rein:
For, by this path went Hafez; and poor became.


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