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Sixty three years old woman pregnant


Sixty three years old woman pregnant
A 63 years old woman from South Korea was hospitalized after she complained of pain in her mouth when she was eating cooked squid. The doctors discovered that she was impregnated in mouth with twelve baby squids. This is revealed in a scientific paper of Bethesda, Maryland based National Center for Biotechnology Information.
The woman did not eat the whole cooked squids. She spat the food from her mouth immediately. She felt something prickling in her oral cavity.
The South Korean woman told doctors that she was feeling something in her mouth. The doctors told her they were just bug like organisms. Baby cephalopods, which were cemented to the tooth and below the tongue, were found in her mouth during examination by doctors. Ejaculatory apparatus and sperm are found inside the pods. The apparatus expels the sperm with force.
The doctors have meticulously removed baby cephalopods from the cheek, tongue and gums. White spindle shaped, small and bug like organisms were found in the cheek, gums and tongue’s mucus membrane. All the 12 organisms together with affected mucosa were removed from her mouth.
Only after removal, the physicians were able to identify them as squid spermatophores based on the presence of sperm bags and morphology.
Spermatophore is just like a cup filled with sperms. It is still not clear how can spermatophores gets implanted into the skin.
Last year, A Japanese woman experienced similar problem last year after eating raw squids.
Impregnation of human mouth is commonly found in the Far East where people usually consume raw squids.
Internal organs of the squids are removed while preparing food in the west. Hence, there is no risk of mouth impregnation.
Skin on our hands and all over the body is thick. Therefore, we will not feel a sting when spermatophores ejaculate. They usually do not get stuck on our skin. Spermatophores are usually transferred to the females using a long penis or with the help of hectocotylus of a male. Sperms are covered in thin covering after ejaculation and cemented to the body. It is likely that spermatangium may get attached to the female skin.
Calamari should be cooked properly. Otherwise, sperm bags inside the calamari may be alive because insufficient heat during cooking. When you eat the calamari with live sperms, you are likely to experience pain in the mouth because of forceful ejaculation of sperm.
Tubular portion in the squid body is called raw calamari steak. Squid’s cartilage backbone is removed and cleaned. A flat piece of calamari is produced with a single slit on the tube. It is usually consumed after grilling.

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