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Grapes benefits


Grapes benefits:
Unripe grapes:
Unripe grapes are hot and pungent in nature, can cause Pitta imbalance, leading to skin and blood vitiation.
Semi ripened grapes:
Semi ripened grapes are more sour than sweet. It improves appetite, improves taste.
More sweet less sour ripened grapes:
Ripened grapes relieve thirst, useful in bleeding disorders, calms Pitta, it is soothing.
Dry Grapes or Raisin benefits:
•Helps in easy bowel movement
•Natural coolant
•Very good for eyes
•In most of the Ayurvedic preparations, where grapes are mentioned as ingredient, dry grapes are used.
•Dry grapes / raisin is useful in the treatment of excessive thirst, fever, respiratory problems, vomiting, gout, liver disorders, excessive burning sensation, dryness, emaciation.
•Raisin calms the mind. Hence, it is a good idea to have some grapes when you feel tired, burnt out or confused.


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