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Some Jokes – three

Some Jokes


-Daddy, what is the difference between a rifle and a machine gun?

-Imagine that I speak the first and then your mother.
-If I were your wife I would put some poison in your coffee!

-If I were your husband I would drink!
A child is asking her mother:

– Mum, why did you marry my father?

-Oh, my boy, even you started to wonder now!
A wife to her husband:

-Oh, dear, let’s go to Paris on holiday.

-I don’t want.

-If you don’t want to Paris, let’s go to Rome then.

-I don’t want.

-Where do you want to go ?

-Greece, in Aton.

-Why there?

-Women are not allowed there-

/Aton peninsula; Greece is famous with its monasteries and women are not

allowed to visit them/





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