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Home / Literature / سروده ای از خواجه حافظ شیرازی : به حسن و خلق و وفا کس به يار ما نرسد‬

سروده ای از خواجه حافظ شیرازی : به حسن و خلق و وفا کس به يار ما نرسد‬

Hefez - b1


‫به حسن و خلق و وفا کس به يار ما نرسد‬
‫تو را در اين سخن انکار کار ما نرسد‬
‫اگر چه حسن فروشان به جلوه آمده اند‬
‫کسی به حسن و ملاحت به يار ما نرسد‬
‫به حـق صحبت ديرين که هيچ محرم راز‬
‫به يار يک جهت حق گزار ما نرسد‬
‫هزار نقش برآيد ز کلک صنع و يکی‬
‫به دلپـــذيری نقش نگار ما نرسد‬
‫هزار نقد به بازار کاينات آرند‬
‫يکی به سکه صاحب عيـار ما نرسد‬
‫دريغ قافله عمر کان چنان رفتند‬
‫که گردشان به هوای ديار ما نرسد‬
‫دلا ز رنج حسودان مرنج و واثق باش‬
‫که بد به خاطر اميــدوار ما نرسد‬
‫چنان بزی که اگر خاک ره شوی کس را‬
‫غبار خاطری از ره گذار ما نرسد‬
‫بسوخت حافظ و ترسم که شرح قصه او‬
‫به سمع پادشه کامگار ما نرسد‬


To our friend, in beauty of disposition and of fidelity, one reacheth not
In this matter, to thee, denial of our work reacheth not.
Although, into splendor, have come beauty-boasters,
To our beloved in beauty and grace, one reacheth not.
By the right of ancient society that any mystery confidant
To our friend, of one way, thank-offering, reacheth not.
From the Creator’s reed, issue a thousand pictures: and one
To the approval of the picture of our idol reacheth not.
To the market of created beings, they bring a thousand coins:
To the die of our master of assay, one reaeheth not.
Alas! the Kafila of life passed in such a way,
That, to the air of our country, its dust reacheth not.
O heart! grieve not of the reproach of the envious; and be firm
For, to our hopeful heart, evil reacheth not.
So live that if thou become the dust of the path, to someone,
From our way a particle of dust of the heart reach not.
Hafez consumed; and I fear that the explanation of his tale
To the ear of the powerful King reacheth not.

Hafez - 6

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