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سروده ای از خواجه حافظ شیرازی : سحر چون خسرو خاور علم بر کوهساران زد‬

Hefez - b1


‫سحر چون خسرو خاور علم بر کوهساران زد‬
‫به دست مرحمت يارم در اميدواران زد‬
‫چو پيش صبح روشن شد که حال مهر گردون چيست‬
‫برآمد خنده خوش بر غرور کامگاران زد‬
‫نگارم دوش در مجلس به عزم رقص چون برخاست‬
‫گره بگشود از ابرو و بر دلهای ياران زد‬
‫من از رنگ صلاح آن دم به خون دل بشستم دست‬
‫که چشم باده پيمايش صلا بر هوشياران زد‬
‫کدام آهن دلش آموخت اين آيين عياری‬
‫کز اول چون برون آمد ره شب زنده داران زد‬
‫خيال شهسواری پخت و شد ناگه دل مسکين‬
‫خداوندا نگه دارش که بر قلب سواران زد‬
‫در آب و رنگ رخسارش چه جان داديم و خون خورديم‬
‫چو نقشش دست داد اول رقم بر جان سپاران زد‬
‫منش با خرقه پشمين کجا اندر کمند آرم‬
‫زره مويی که مژگانش ره خنجرگزاران زد‬
‫شهنشاه مظفـر فر شجاع ملک و دين منصور‬
‫که جود بی دريغش خنده بر ابر بهاران زد‬
‫از آن ساعت که جام می به دست او مشرف شد‬
‫زمانه ساغر شادی به ياد ميگساران زد‬
‫ز شمشير سرافشانش ظفر آن روز بدرخشيد‬
‫که چون خورشيد انجم سوز تنها بر هزاران زد‬
‫دوام عمر و ملک او بخواه از لطف حق ای دل‬
‫که چرخ اين سکه دولت به دور روزگاران زد‬
‫نظر بر قرعه توفيق و يمن دولت شاه است‬
‫بده کام دل حافظ که فال بختياران زد‬

Hefez -b2

In the morning when, his standard on the mountainous lands, the Khosro of the east pitched,
With the hand of mercy, the door of hopeful ones, my beloved beat;
Before morning, when it became manifest what is the state of the sphere’s love
It ascended; and, on the pride of potentates, a sweet laugh expressed.
Last night, when with the intention of dancing, my idol stood up,
From the tress, she unloosed the knot; and on the hearts of beloved ones beat.
From the color of rectitude, that moment, I washed my hand in the heart’s blood:
When His eye, wine-measuring, to the sensible ones, invitation expressed.
This usage of deceit, what iron taught Him,
That when He came out, those keeping awake at night, He first attacked.
The idea of horsemen my wretched heart matured; and went:
O Lord! preserve it, for, on the center of the horsemen, it dashed.
In the lustre and color of his cheek, what soul we gave: and what blood we drank:
When His picture first appeared, on those soul-surrendering the writing he expressed.
By the woollen khirka, how into the noose may I bring Him,
A hair-clad one whose eye-lash, those dagger-thrusting attacked.
The great king, Muzaffar of pomp, the bravery of the kingdom, and the faith of Mansur
Whose liberality without hesitation, laughter, against the spring-cloud, expressed.
From that moment when, by his hand, the cup of wine became honored,
In memory of its wine-drinkers, the cup of joyousness, time drained.
With his head-cleaving sword, gleamed victory that day
When, like the star-consuming sun, on thousands, alone he dashed.
Hafez! from God’s grace, ask for his lasting life and kingdom;
For, in the time of the people, this coin of fortune, the sphere struck.
On the die of grace, and the felicity of the King’s fortune, my glance is:
Give the desire of the heart of Hafez who, the omen of the fortunate, struck.

Hafez - b3

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