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Native American Legends: Wisakecahk and His Scabs


Native American Legends: Wisakecahk and His Scabs Cree legend about the trickster Wisakecahk

One day Wisakecahk was looking for food. He was getting upset with his bum because every time he was about to shoot his arrow he would fart and scare off the game. In order to punish his bum, he built a large fire and put a big rock on it. When the fire was hot, he sat on it. Wisakecahk was really in pain. He ran to the river to cool off his bum. “That should teach my bum,” he said.

Scabs formed on his sore bum. As he walked, the scabs cracked and fell off. Later, he walked back the same way and saw the scabs on the path. “Hey, that looks like grandmother’s dried meat! I sure am hungry,” he thought. He picked up the scabs and ate them. Some animals that had been watching started laughing so loudly that they startled Wisakecahk. “What are you laughing at?” he asked. “Oh, silly Wisakecahk, you have been eating the scabs from your own bum!” they told him. Wisakecahk was so embarrassed he ran off.

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