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سروده ای از خواجه حافظ شیرازی : دلبر برفت و دلشدگان را خبر نکرد‬

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‫دلبر برفت و دلشدگان را خبر نکرد‬
‫ياد حريف شهر و رفيق سفر نکرد‬
‫يا بخت من طريق مروت فروگذاشت‬
‫يا او به شاهراه طريقت گذر نکرد‬
‫گفتم مگر به گريه دلش مهربان کنم‬
‫چون سخت بود در دل سنگش اثر نکرد‬
‫شوخی مکن که مرغ دل بیقرار من‬
‫سودای دام عاشقی از سر به درنکرد‬
‫هر کس که ديد روی تو بوسيد چشم من‬
‫کاری که کرد ديده من بی نظر نکرد‬
‫من ايستاده تا کنمش جان فدا چو شمع‬
‫او خود گذر به ما چو نسيم سحر نکرد‬


The Heart-Ravisher departed; and hint to those heart-gone made not:
Of the companion of the city; and of the friend of the journey, recollection He made
Either, my fortune abandoned the path of love;
Or He, by the highway of Tarikat, journeying made not.
I said: “Perchance, by weeping, I may make His heart kind.”
Impression on the hard stone, the drops of rain, made not.
Although, through grief, the wing and the feather of my heart became broken,
Go out of my head, the crude madness of being a lover it made not.
Every one kissed Thy face who saw my eye!
Without value, the work that our eye did, it made not.
I standing, like the candle, to make my life a sacrifice for Him:
Like the morning-breeze, passing by me, He made not.


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