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سروده ای از خواجه حافظ شیرازی : رو بر رهش نهادم و بر من گذر نکرد‬



‫رو بر رهش نهادم و بر من گذر نکرد‬
‫صد لطف چشم داشتم و يک نظر نکرد‬
‫سيل سرشک ما ز دلش کين به درنبرد‬
‫در سنگ خاره قطره باران اثر نکرد‬
‫يا رب تو آن جوان دلاور نگاه دار‬
‫کز تير آه گوشه نشينان حذر نکرد‬
‫ماهی و مرغ دوش ز افغان من نخفت‬
‫وان شوخ ديده بين که سر از خواب برنکرد‬
‫میخواستم که ميرمش اندر قدم چو شمع‬
‫او خود گذر به ما چو نسيم سحر نکرد‬
‫جانا کدام سنگدل بی کفايتيست‬
‫کو پيش زخم تيغ تو جان را سپر نکرد‬
‫کلک زبان بريده حافظ در انجمن‬
‫با کس نگفت راز تو تا ترک سر نکرد‬


On her path, I laid my face; and by me passing, she made not.
I hoped for a hundred kindnesses; yet one glance, she made not.
Malice from her heart, the torrent of our tears, took not.
Impression on the hard stone, the rain-drop made not.
O Lord! Preserve that young saucy one:
For caution, against the arrow of the sigh of those sitting in the corner, she made not.
Last night, from my lamenting, neither fish nor fowl slept:
But behold that one of saucy eye who, raised from sleep, her head made not.
Like the candle, I desired to die at her feet:
Like the morning breeze, passing by us, she made not.
O soul! without sufficiency, stone of heart, is what person,
Who, the shield before the wound of thy arrow, himself made not.
O saucy one! behold the bird of my heart, wing and feather consumed:
Go out of my head the crude madness of being a lover, it made not.

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