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سروده ای از خواجه حافظ شیرازی : ياد باد آن که ز ما وقت سفر ياد نکرد

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‫ياد باد آن که ز ما وقت سفر ياد نکرد‬
‫به وداعی دل غمديده ما شاد نکرد‬
‫آن جوان بخت که میزد رقم خير و قبول‬
‫بنده پير ندانم ز چه آزاد نکرد‬
‫کاغذين جامه به خوناب بشويم که فلک‬
‫رهنمونيم به پای علم داد نکرد‬
‫دل به اميد صدايی که مگر در تو رسد‬
‫ناله ها کرد در اين کوه که فرهاد نکرد‬
‫سايه تا بازگرفتی ز چمن مرغ سحر‬
‫آشيان در شکن طـره شمشاد نکرد‬
‫شايد ار پيک صبا از تو بياموزد کار‬
‫زان که چالاکتر از اين حرکت باد نکرد‬
‫کلک مشاطه صنعش نکشد نقش مراد‬
‫هر که اقرار بدين حسن خداداد نکرد‬
‫مطربا پرده بگردان و بزن راه عراق‬
‫که بدين راه بشد يار و ز ما ياد نکرد‬
‫غزليـات عراقيست سرود حافظ‬
‫که شنيد اين ره دلسوز که فرياد نکرد‬

مقبره حافظ

Memory be of that one, who, at the time of journeying memory of us made not:
Who, by farewell, joyous our grief-stricken heart made not.
That one of youthful fortune, that dashed the writing of good acceptance,
I know not why the old slave, free he made not.
The papery garment, we wash in bloody water. For, the sky,
My guidance to the standard of justice, made not.
In the hope that perchance a great cry may reach Thee, the heart
Made in this mountain, cries that Farhad made not.
Since the bird of the sward had taken its shadow from the sward,
Its nest in the curl of the tress of the box-tree, it made not.
If from Thee, the footman of the east wind will learn work possible:
For movement, swifter than this, the wind made not.
The reed of the attirer of nature draweth not the picture of desire of him
Who as to this beauty, God-given, confession made not.
O Minstrel! change the note, and strike the path, of Iraq;
For, in this path, the Beloved went; and of us recollection made not.
The ghazals of Iraq are the songs of Hafez:
This heart-consuming path, who heard, who lamentation made not.


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