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سروده ای از خواجه حافظ شیرازی : ‫ ‫بنفشه دوش به گل گفت و خوش نشانی داد‬

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بنفشه دوش به گل گفت و خوش نشانی داد‬
‫که تاب من به جهان طره فلانی داد‬
‫دلم خزانه اسرار بود و دست قضا‬
‫درش ببست و کليدش به دلستانی داد‬
‫شکسته وار به درگاهت آمدم که طبيب‬
‫به موميايی لطف توام نشانی داد‬
‫تنش درست و دلش شاد باد و خاطر خوش‬
‫که دست دادش و ياری ناتوانی داد‬
‫برو معالجه خود کن ای نصيحتگو‬
‫شراب و شاهد شيرين که را زيانی داد‬
‫گذشت بر من مسکين و با رقيبان گفت‬
‫دريغ حافظ مسکين من چه جانی داد‬


Last night, to the rose, the violet spake; and a sweet trace gave,
Saying: “In the world, me, torment a certain one’s tress gave.”
The store of mysteries, was my heart; and, the hand of Fate
Closed its door; and its key to that heart-ravisher – gave.
To Thy court, like one shattered, I came. For, the physician,
Me, a trace to the electuary of Thy grace gave.
By me, miserable, He passed; and to the watchers, said:
Alas! What a soul, my slain lover gave.
Sound be his body; glad be his heart; happy, his mind!
That, the hand of justice and help to the feeble one, he gave.
O counsel utterer! go, devise thy own remedy:
Loss to whom, wine and the sweet mistress gave.
Me miserable, He passed and told to my opponents:
“What a pity! my Hafez how miserable life he gave.”

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