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سروده ای از خواجه حافظ شیرازی : ‫آن که رخسار تو را رنگ گل و نسرين داد‬


آن که رخسار تو را رنگ گل و نسرين داد‬
‫صبر و آرام تواند به من مسکين داد‬
‫وان که گيسوی تو را رسم تطاول آموخت‬
‫هم تواند کرمش داد من غمگين داد‬
‫من همان روز ز فرهاد طمع ببريدم‬
‫که عنان دل شيدا به لب شيرين داد‬
‫گنج زر گر نبود کنج قناعت باقيست‬
‫آن که آن داد به شاهان به گدايان اين داد‬
‫خوش عروسيست جهان از ره صورت ليکن‬
‫هر که پيوست بدو عمر خودش کاوين داد‬
‫بعد از اين دست من و دامن سرو و لب جوی‬
‫خاصه اکنون که صبا مژده فروردين داد‬
‫در کف غصه دوران دل حافظ خون شد‬
‫از فراق رخت ای خواجه قوام الدين داد‬


Who, to thy cheek, the hue of the rose and of the wild rose gave,
To me, miserable, patience and ease, can give.
Who taught thy tress the habit of being long,
To me, grief-stricken, the gift of His liberality, can also give.
Hope of Farhad, I severed that very day,
When, to Shirin’s lip, the rein of his distraught heart, he gave.
If be not the treasure of gold, contentment is left:
Who, to kings that gave, to beggars this gave.
A fine bride, outwardly, is the world. But,
Who joined himself to her, his own life the dowry gave.
After this, My hand and my skirt; the cypress and the marge of the stream,
Especially, now, that, glad tidings of February, the wind gave.
In the hand of grief for Time, Hafez’s heart became blood:
O Khwajeh Kavam ud Din! for separation from thy face, justice!

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