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سروده ای از خواجه حافظ شیرازی : شراب و عيش نهان چيست کار بی بنياد‬

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‫شراب و عيش نهان چيست کار بی بنياد‬
‫زديم بر صف رندان و هر چه بادا باد‬
‫گره ز دل بگشا و از سپهر ياد مکن‬
‫که فکر هيچ مهندس چنين گره نگشاد‬
‫ز انقلاب زمانه عجب مدار که چرخ‬
‫از اين فسانه هزاران هزار دارد ياد‬
‫قدح به شرط ادب گير زان که ترکيبش‬
‫ز کاسه سر جمشيد و بهمن است و قباد‬
‫که آگه است که کاووس و کی کجا رفتند‬
‫که واقف است که چون رفت تخت جم بر باد‬
‫ز حسرت لب شيرين هنوز می بينم‬
‫که لاله می دمد از خون ديده فرهاد‬
‫مگر که لاله بدانست بی وفايی دهر‬
‫که تا بزاد و بشد جام می ز کف ننهاد‬
‫بيا بيا که زمانی ز می خراب شويم‬
‫مگر رسيم به گنجی در اين خراب آباد‬
‫نمی دهند اجازت مرا به سير و سفر‬
‫نسيم باد مصلا و آب رکن آباد‬
‫قدح مگير چو حافظ مگر به ناله چنگ‬
‫که بسته اند بر ابريشم طرب دل شاد‬


Wine and hidden pleasure, what are they? Baseless work.
On the ranks of profligates we dashed. What is fit to be-be!
Unloose the heart’s knot; and, think not of the sky:
For such a knot, the thought of no geometrician hath loosed.
At Time’s changes, wonder not. For the sphere
Recollecteth many a thousand tales of this.
With respect, take the goblet. For its composition
Is of the skull of Jamshid, of Bahman, and of Kubad.
Where Kawoos and Kay went, who is informed?
How Jamshid’s throne went to the wind who is informed?
From passion for Shirin’s lip, yet I see
That, from the blood of Farhad’s eye, the tulip blossometh.
Perchance the tulip knew Time’s unfaithfulness:
For, since she was torn and become, from out of her hand she hath not placed the cup of wine.
Come! come! so that, awhile, with wine ruined we may become:
Perchance, to that great fortune, we may, in this ruined place, reach.
For wandering and journeying, me, permission give not
The breeze of Musalla’s dust, and the water of Roknabad.
Like Hafez take not the cup save to the sound of the harp:
For, to the silk of joy, they have bound the glad heart.

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