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سروده ای از خواجه حافظ شیرازی : شنيده ام سخنی خوش که پير کنعان گفت‬

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‫شنيده ام سخنی خوش که پير کنعان گفت‬
‫فراق يار نه آن میکند که بتوان گفت‬
‫حديث هول قيامت که گفت واعظ شهر‬
‫کنايتيست که از روزگار هجران گفت‬
‫نشان يار سفرکرده از که پرسم باز‬
‫که هر چه گفت بريد صبا پريشان گفت‬
‫فغان که آن مه نامهربان مهرگسل‬
‫به ترک صحبت ياران خود چه آسان گفت‬
‫من و مقام رضا بعد از اين و شکر رقيب‬
‫که دل به درد تو خو کرد و ترک درمان گفت‬
‫غم کهن به می سالخورده دفع کنيد‬
‫که تخم خوشدلی اين است پير دهقان گفت‬
‫گره به باد مزن گر چه بر مراد رود‬
‫که اين سخن به مثل باد با سليمان گفت‬
‫به مهلتی که سپهرت دهد ز راه مرو‬
‫تو را که گفت که اين زال ترک دستان گفت‬
‫مزن ز چون و چرا دم که بنده مقبل‬
‫قبول کرد به جان هر سخن که جانان گفت‬
‫که گفت حافظ از انديشه تو آمد باز‬
‫من اين نگفته ام آن کس که گفت بهتان گفت‬


I heard a pleasant speech that the old man of Kan’an uttered:
“Separation from the true Beloved maketh not that which can be uttered.”
The tale of terror of the resurrection day, which the city-admonisher uttered?
Is a hint, which, of the time of separation, he uttered.
Of whom, may I ask the trace of the Beloved, many a journey made?
For whatever the wind’s messenger uttered, confusedly he uttered.
Alas! that unkind moon, the Friend’s enemy,
For the abandoning the society of his own lovers, how easily he uttered!
After this I and the stage of contentment, and thanks to my rival:
For accustomed to pain by thee, my heart hath become; and the abandonment of
remedy uttered
With wine of many years, repel ye the old grief:
For, the seed of happy-heartedness is this. It, the Pir of the village uttered.
Fix not a knot on the wind though, on thy object, it favorably blow,
For to Soleiman this speech, as a proverb, the wind, uttered.
For a frivolous excuse that the sky may give thee, go not from the Path
Who told thee, that, the abandoning of tales, this old woman uttered.
As to “how and why,” express no breath. For the happy slave
Accepteth with soul every word that the Sultan uttered.
From thought of thee, who said Hafez hath come back’?
This, I have not said. He who uttered it, calumny uttered.

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