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سروده ای از خواجه حافظ شیرازی : ‫ساقی بيا که يار ز رخ پرده برگرفت‬

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‫ساقی بيا که يار ز رخ پرده برگرفت‬
‫کار چراغ خلوتيان باز درگرفت‬
‫آن شمع سرگرفته دگر چهره برفروخت‬
‫وين پير سالخورده جوانی ز سر گرفت‬
‫آن عشوه داد عشق که مفتی ز ره برفت‬
‫وان لطف کرد دوست که دشمن حذر گرفت‬
‫زنهار از آن عبارت شيرين دلفريب‬
‫گويی که پسته تو سخن در شکر گرفت‬
‫بار غمی که خاطر ما خسته کرده بود‬
‫عيسی دمی خدا بفرستاد و برگرفت‬
‫هر سروقد که بر مه و خور حسن میفروخت‬
‫چون تو درآمدی پی کاری دگر گرفت‬
‫زين قصـه هفت گنبد افلاک پرصداست‬
‫کوته نظر ببين که سخن مختصر گرفت‬
‫حافظ تو اين سخن ز که آموختی که بخت‬
‫تعويذ کرد شعر تو را و به زر گرفت‬


Saki! come; for the true Beloved hath taken up the veil,
The work of the lamp of the Khilvatis again kindled.
That candle head uplifted again enkindled its face,
And youth from his head, this Pir years endured took.
The true Beloved gave that glance, such that piety departed from the path,
And the Friend exercised that kindness, that the enemy caution took.
From the sweet and heart-ravishing example, shelter:
Thou mayst say “Thy mouth speech into sugar took.”
The load of that great grief that had wounded our heart,
God sent one of Isa-breath: up, he took.
Every cypress-stature, that boasted beauty over the sun and the moon,
When Thou camest, the pursuit of other work took.
Full of clamour of this tale, are the seven vaults of the sky.
Behold the short-sighted one who, the tale short, took!
Hafez! from whom hast thou learned this prayer, that the beloved
Made thy verse an amulet; and it, into gold, took.


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