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Without sleep I am as sleep has gone to a place unknown
Whose path I know not, nor hear I there any message called gracious
Only a distant land remains awake under my feet
And its shadow stands right in the chest of a rivulet
Yet I hear a fine tune of slumber
And see them approaching to me by breaking the path
In this condition my wishes have died and my love is lost its language
And without expression ideas cannot be interwoven, we all know
So my disdain existence not only grows but also bears sleepless night.
Wish not to go to the land of sleep
Nor wish I to jump and hang nor wish to cut
Yet I have to go at last as it is not under my control
Yet they are there I mean somewhere in my existential crisis
And they are left awake
There everyone goes the king goes the emperor goes
Goes all the sycophants and subordinates as it is a levelling world
A world of no highs no lows and full of fragrance of soil.
Here fire is pampered and its physical dance gets an awkward posture
When they raise their hands and with heart’s content sing the song of silence
Here and there my sleep strolls
From this room to that room while it walks it rides
on the smooth skin of the mirror
Glides on the shiny bosom of a wall
Or crosses the heated barrel of an assassin
Before it stares blank at the window pane
But I could not touch as it is too close too far
Yet in this my dreams dissolve into a liquid which is the abode of bowels
Which I know that do not know the streets, the dense jungle
The green hills and the deep valleys
Not even know life nor the tough crow
When someone is drown in a complete silence
Then remain awake only his meaningless grief
And Heraclitus says, life move on every moment like a river
A flow does not have a double side, so life
Life walks and distracts touching the edge of flooding fog
I go into deep sleep after keeping my limbs in slumber
Trees stoop down and stare at the cremation of the dead
Dawn lays its rays on the path
Keeping the idea in its mind to shoot the darkness
Yet darkness remains, it does not vanish nor does it disappear.


Abdul Wahab

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