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Japanese style chicken rice

Japanese style chicken rice

Ready in 45 min

Serves : 2

By Moony


5 ounces chicken thigh; diced
1/2 onion; diced
8 mushroom; sliced
2 carrot
1/2 cup corn kernels
8 tablespoons ketchup
2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
3 cups white rice cooked
to taste Salt & pepper


heat a large frying pan on just above medium heat, drop in the butter and melt it.

After the butter is completely melted, add the onion and chicken and saute the onions until they become transparent.

Then throw in all the other vegetables, adding the salt and pepper while they cook.

Add the ketchup and worcestershire sauce and mix together, putting on the rice after, breaking it up and mixing well with the sauce, coating it completely.

Remove from heat and enjoy.

Sorry the ingredients aren’t too exact, with this recipe you can just adjust the ingredients according to your taste, it will almost always turn out delicious.

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