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سروده ای از خواجه حافظ شیرازی : ديدی که يار جز سر جور و ستم نداشت‬

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‫ديدی که يار جز سر جور و ستم نداشت‬
‫بشکست عهد وز غم ما هيچ غم نداشت‬
‫يا رب مگيرش ار چه دل چون کبوترم‬
‫افکند و کشت و عزت صيد حرم نداشت‬
‫بر من جفا ز بخت من آمد وگرنه يار‬
‫حاشا که رسم لطف و طريق کرم نداشت‬
‫با اين همه هر آن که نه خواری کشيد از او‬
‫هر جا که رفت هيچ کسش محترم نداشت‬
‫ساقی بيار باده و با محتسب بگو‬
‫انکار ما مکن که چنين جام جم نداشت‬
‫هر راهرو که ره به حريم درش نبرد‬
‫مسکين بريد وادی و ره در حرم نداشت‬
‫حافظ ببر تو گوی فصاحت که مدعی‬
‫هيچش هنر نبود و خبر نيز هم نداشت‬


Thou sawest that, save the desire of violence and of tyranny, my beloved aught had
He shattered the covenant; and, on account of our grief, grief had not.
O Lord! take him not. Although my heart, like the pigeon,
He cast down and slew; and respect for the prey of the sacred enclosure had not.
Against me, on account of my fortune, came this violence. If not the Beloved,
Save the way of courtesy and the path of liberality, aught had not.
With ail this, every one who endured from Him no contempt,
Everywhere he went, him honored any one had not.
Saki! bring wine; say to the Muhtaseb:
“Deny us not. For such a cup Jamshid had not.”
Every way-farer who took not the path to the sacred enclosure of His door,
Unhappy, traveled the valley; yet, the path to the sacred enclosure had not.
Hafez! do thou take the ball of eloquence. For the claimant,
His was no skill at all; and any information, he had not.

مقبره حافظ

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