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دانلود رایگان کتاب Greek Grammar Handout 2012

دانلود رایگان کتاب Greek Grammar Handout 2012


Mastery of accents comes only slowly, because their rules are complex; but you should not, in despair, just ignore them.  If you ignore them,  you can never pronounce Greek properly, or “hear” it in your inner ear. And then  (a) memorizing inflections is far  harder, and (b) again  and again you miss vital information, given just by accents. E.g.  μένω = “I stay”, μενῶ = “I will stay”; or e.g. ἐν = “in”, ἕν = “one thing”; or e.g. ἤν = “if”, ἥν = “whom”, ἦν = “I was”.
At first, the rules might make your head spin; but this does  not  last forever. If you pay close attention for just a few weeks, it all begins to seem easy.
(I) All ancient Greek words are accented (except the few listed below in § IX). They are  pitch accents (see § III), but helping to fix the pitch in any word is another factor,  quantity (a vowel’s  length;  how  long  it  takes  to   say  it:  see  §  II).   Unfortunately  we  native  English  speakers  are insensitive  to  both;  we  tend  to  hear only  a  word’s  stress.   So  in  speaking  Greek  at  first  just stress  every  acute-accented  or circumflex-accented  syllable  (but  not  the  grave-accented: see  § IV). The modern Greeks do the same (see § X).


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