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سروده ای از خواجه حافظ شیرازی : حاصل کارگه کون و مکان اين همه نيست‬

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‫حاصل کارگه کون و مکان اين همه نيست‬
‫باده پيش آر که اسباب جهان اين همه نيست‬
‫از دل و جان شرف صحبت جانان غرض است‬
‫غرض اين است وگرنه دل و جان اين همه نيست‬
‫منـت سدره و طوبی ز پی سايه مکش‬
‫که چو خوش بنگری ای سرو روان اين همه نيست‬
‫دولت آن است که بی خون دل آيد به کنار‬
‫ور نه با سعی و عمل باغ جنان اين همه نيست‬
‫پنج روزی که در اين مرحله مهلت داری‬
‫خوش بياسای زمانی که زمان اين همه نيست‬
‫بر لب بحر فنا منتظريم ای ساقی‬
‫فرصتی دان که ز لب تا به دهان اين همه نيست‬
‫زاهد ايمن مشو از بازی غيرت زنهار‬
‫که ره از صومعه تا دير مغان اين همه نيست‬
‫دردمندی من سوخته زار و نزار‬
‫ظاهرا حاجت تقرير و بيان اين همه نيست‬
‫نام حافظ رقم نيک پذيرفت ولی‬
‫پيش رندان رقم سود و زيان اين همه نيست‬


The produce of the workshop of existence and dwelling all this is naught;
Bring wine. For the goods of the world all this is naught.
The desire of the heart and of the exalted soul is the society of the Beloved:
All that is; and, if not, heart and soul, all this is naught.
For the sake of shade, endure not the favor of the Sidra and the Tuba tree
For, O moving cypress, when well thou lookest, all this is naught.
Fortune is that which, without the heart’s blood, cometh to the bosom:
And, if not, the garden of the Beloved with effort and toil all this is naught.
A space of five days that thou hast in this stage of favor;
Rest pleasantly awhile. For Time all this is naught.
O Saki! We are waiting on the shore of the ocean of death
Regard again. For from lip to mouth all this is naught.
Zahed! beware; be not secure of the sport of pride
For the path from the cloister to the temple of the Magians, all this is naught.
Wailing and weeping have consumed me sorrowful:
The need of narrating and of explaining apparently all this is naught.
The name of Hafez accepted the writing of honor;
But, in the opinion of profligates, the writing of profit and of loss all this is naught.

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