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گلنوشته ای از خواجه حافظ شیرازی : يا رب اين شمع دل افروز ز کاشانه کيست‬

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‫يا رب اين شمع دل افروز ز کاشانه کيست‬
‫جان ما سوخت بپرسيد که جانانه کيست‬
‫حاليا خانه برانداز دل و دين من است‬
‫تا در آغوش که میخسبد و همخانه کيست‬
‫باده لعل لبش کز لب من دور مباد‬
‫راح روح که و پيمان ده پيمانه کيست‬
‫دولت صحبت آن شمع سعادت پرتو‬
‫بازپرسيد خدا را که به پروانه کيست‬
‫میدهد هر کسش افسونی و معلوم نشد‬
‫که دل نازک او مايل افسانه کيست‬
‫يا رب آن شاهوش ماه رخ زهره جبين‬
‫در يکتای که و گوهر يک دانه کيست‬
‫گفتم آه از دل ديوانه حافظ بی تو‬
‫زير لب خنده زنان گفت که ديوانه کيست‬


O Lord! that candle, night-illuminating, from the house of whom is?
Our soul hath consumed. Ask ye, saying: “She, the beloved, of whom is?”
Now, the up-setter of my heart and of my religion, she is:
Let us see: she the fellow-sleeper of whom is; the fellow-lodger of whom is:
The ruby-wine of her lip, from my lip, far be it not!
The wine of the soul of whom is? The cup-giver of the cup of whom is?
The Fortune of the society of that candle of happy ray, ‘
Again, for God’s sake, ask ye saying: “For the moth of whom is?”
For her, every one deviseth a great spell. Yet known it is not,
Her tender heart, inclined to the tale of whom is?
O Lord! that one, king-like, moon of face, Venus of forehead,
The inestimable pearl of whom; and, the incomparable jewel of whom is?
I said “Without thee, sigh from the distraught heart of Hafez:”
Under the lip, laughing, she spake, saying: He distraught of whom is?”

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