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شاخه گلی از دیوان خوجه حافظ شیرازی : خوشتر ز عيش و صحبت و باغ و بهار چيست‬

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‫خوشتر ز عيش و صحبت و باغ و بهار چيست‬
‫ساقی کجاست گو سبب انتظار چيست‬
‫هر وقت خوش که دست دهد مغتنم شمار‬
‫کس را وقوف نيست که انجام کار چيست‬
‫پيوند عمر بسته به موييست هوش دار‬
‫غمخوار خويش باش غم روزگار چيست‬
‫معنی آب زندگی و روضه ارم‬
‫جز طرف جويبار و می خوشگوار چيست‬
‫مستور و مست هر دو چو از يک قبيله اند‬
‫ما دل به عشوه که دهيم اختيار چيست‬
‫راز درون پرده چه داند فلک خموش‬
‫ای مدعی نزاع تو با پرده دار چيست‬
‫سهو و خطای بنده گرش اعتبار نيست‬
‫معنی عفو و رحمت آمرزگار چيست‬
‫زاهد شراب کوثر و حافظ پياله خواست‬
‫تا در ميانه خواسته کردگار چيست‬


More pleasant than the pleasure and the enjoyment of the garden and the spring is
Where is the Said? Say: “The cause of our waiting is what?”
Every pleasant moment that appeareth, reckon plunder;
Delay is to none. For the end of work is what?
The fetter of life is bound by a single hair: keep sense:
Be thy own grief-devourer. Time’s grief is what?
The meaning of the Water-of-Life and the garden of Iram
Save the bank of the rivulet and the wine pleasant-tasting is what?
The austere one and the intoxicated one both are of one family:
To whose glance, shall we give our heart? choice is what?
The secret within the screen, what knoweth the silent sky?
O pretender! thy contention with the screen-holder is what?
If the esteeming rightly the forgetfulness and the negligence of the slave be not His,
The meaning of the Omnipotent’s pardon and mercy is what?
The Zahed desired the wine of Kousar; and Hafez, the cup:
Let us see between these two, the choice of the Omnipotent is what?

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