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سروده ای از خواجه حافظ شیرازی : ‫اگر چه عرض هنر پيش يار بی ادبيست‬

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 ‫اگر چه عرض هنر پيش يار بی ادبيست‬
‫زبان خموش وليکن دهان پر از عربيست‬
‫پری نهفته رخ و ديو در کرشمه حسن‬
‫بسوخت ديده ز حيرت که اين چه بوالعجبيست‬
‫در اين چمن گل بی خار کس نچيد آری‬
‫چراغ مصطفوی با شرار بولهبيست‬
‫سبب مپرس که چرخ از چه سفله پرور شد‬
‫که کام بخشی او را بهانه بی سببيست‬
‫به نيم جو نخرم طاق خانقاه و رباط‬
‫مرا که مصطبه ايوان و پای خم طنبيست‬
‫جمال دختر رز نور چشم ماست مگر‬
‫که در نقاب زجاجی و پرده عنبيست‬
‫هزار عقل و ادب داشتم من ای خواجه‬
‫کنون که مست خرابم صلاح بی ادبيست‬
‫بيار می که چو حافظ هزارم استظهار‬
‫به گريه سحری و نياز نيم شبيست‬


Since the presentation of skill before the Beloved disrespect, is
The tongue, silent; yet, the mouth full of Arabia is.
The Pan concealed her face; and the Div engaged in the glance of beauty.
Through amazement, Reason consumed, saying: “What Father of Wonders this is!”
In this parterre, none plucked the rose without the thorn.
So the lamp of Mustafa with the flames of Abu Lahab is.
The reason, ask not why the cherisher of the mean, became the sphere,
Whose design of giving, pretence without reason is.
For half a barley-corn, I purchase not the arch of the monastery and of the inn:
Because for me, the tavern is the palace; and the foot of the jar, the pavilion is.
The beauty of the Daughter of the grape is the light of our eye. Perchance,
In the veil of glass, and in the screen of the grape, it is.
A thousand of wisdom and science had I my Lord
Now intoxicated and wasted, the better impolite is.
Bring wine; for, as Hafez, the asking God for aid always
In weeping in the morning-time, and in supplication at midnight is.

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