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Home / Literature / گلنوشته ای از خواجه حافظ شیرازی : آن سيه چرده که شيرينی عالم با اوست‬

گلنوشته ای از خواجه حافظ شیرازی : آن سيه چرده که شيرينی عالم با اوست‬


‫آن سيه چرده که شيرينی عالم با اوست‬
‫چشم ميگون لب خندان دل خرم با اوست‬
‫گر چه شيرين دهنان پادشهانند ولی‬
‫او سليمان زمان است که خاتم با اوست‬
‫روی خوب است و کمال هنر و دامن پاک‬
‫لاجرم همت پاکان دو عالم با اوست‬
‫خال مشکين که بدان عارض گندمگون است‬
‫سر آن دانه که شد رهزن آدم با اوست‬
‫دلبرم عزم سفر کرد خدا را ياران‬
‫چه کنم با دل مجروح که مرهم با اوست‬
‫با که اين نکته توان گفت که آن سنگين دل‬
‫کشت ما را و دم عيسی مريم با اوست‬
‫حافظ از معتقدان است گرامی دارش‬
‫زان که بخشايش بس روح مکرم با اوست‬

دیوان حافظ_1xr

This blackish one, all the sweetness of the world is with him.
The fair eye, the laughing lip, the joyous heart is with Him.
Although those sweet of mouth are Sovereigns, yet
He is the Soleiman of the age; for the seal is with Him.
He is fair of face, perfect in skill, pure of sin;
Verily the spirit of the Pure Ones of the two worlds is with Him.
The black mole that is on that wheat-hued face,
The mystery of that grain, that became the highway robber of Adam, is with it.
My heart-ravisher hath set out on a journey. O friends! for God’s sake,
What shall I do with my wounded heart; for the medicine is with Him.
With whom, can one discuss this matter, that that stoney-hearted One,
Slew us; and the breath of Isa of Maryam is with Him.
Hafez is of the believers. Hold him dear.
For the forgiveness of many a noble soul is with Him.

مقبره حافظ

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