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School by Abdul Wahab



In front of a table there is a crow
Besides it sits a monkey with its tail coiled
In the same line is a penguin, a dolphin
A fox, a fish in a jar and at end there is an elephant
This is not a circus
Neither is it a jungle
It is a complete school under a well branched tree
And under its shade sits a man, a teacher on a chair
He teaches as he was taught
Like a parrot teaches another parrot
No wrong see in it who is not genius
But he is asked to take a test to gauge how genius they are
And he gladly asks every one either to climb a tree or swim an ocean
Here the heaven falls and all the terrible things are out of the hell
Now a genius looks like fool and a stupid look like brilliant
Such is the sorry state
Not only of our so called well developed education system
But also it is in our political and social spectrum.


Abdul Wahab

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