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Ronald N. Ramseur: Pandora and The Empire of man (pt.5)

Ronald N. Ramseur

Pandora and The Empire of man (pt5)

Hours on hours she stares at the window listening alone afraid deciding to end it all for she is weak and losing hope and one last desperate hope she looks at the flowers. A tear drops out of the corner of her eye as she stares and the flower illuminated before her eyes and revealed to her an inspiring vision. She was granted a look into the future of her forth coming days three event were name to happen but nothing more was said. Morning come she wakes from her curled corner where she laid and crawls to the edge of the bed she rise to her feet into the bath room she draws her water disrobe and settles in to relax the aches and tension, as the morning unfolds a mocking bird bellows tune she calmly lays back and let her mind fallow the tune she smiles. Having cleared her mind of doubts she embrace her courage and sustain to step out on faith to never bow down to fear. After drowning away her trouble she emerges from the water dressed and proceeded to depart and as she open the door another box of flowers. She smile and lifted the box at the threshold of the door carried it inside and open the box which held a card it reads. I’m much too shy to speak and approach a woman like you but I wish to find the courage to face up with you as I like too so accept this toke a friendship I hope to come but I left these flower for you and now I must run, she smile and placed the flowers in a vase and departed for her daily walk.

RNR 110416 (pt5)

Ronald N. Ramseur

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