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Russian banks expect powerful cyberattacks and are ready to reflect


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Russian banks expect powerful cyberattacks and are ready to reflect

In the case of the Central Bank and Ministry of Finance issues are ready to assist credit institutions

MOSCOW / TASS /. Russian banks expect cyber attacks, which warned of the FSB, can be more powerful, but like the previous ones, faced financial institutions.
In case of problems the banks are ready to provide support to the Central Bank and Ministry of Finance.

Warning FSB

On Friday, the Federal Security Service (FSB) said that foreign special services are preparing from 5 December-scale cyber attacks aimed at destabilizing the Russian financial system. The attack is planned to accompany the mass distribution of sms-messages and publications in social networks (blogs) provocative in relation to the crisis of credit and financial system in Russia, business failure and revocation of licenses of a number of leading banks.

As noted in the FSB, server capacity and command and control centers for cyber attacks are located in the Netherlands and owned by Ukrainian hosting company BlazingFast.

In early November, the Savings Bank has reflected a series of powerful DDoS-attacks organized from dozens of countries. As the newspaper “Vedomosti”, underwent a similar attack as Alfa Bank, Moscow Bank (VTB structure), Rosbank, and the Moscow Stock Exchange. CBR later reported that the recorded attacks on a number of large banks, which involved a botnet consisting of a so-called device “Internet of Things”. November 10 multiple powerful DDoS-attack and underwent WEB-resource “Sberbank Online”.

Banks ready to attack

In turn, Russian banks have declared their readiness for such an attack. In the Savings Bank reported that the organization is operating normally. In VTB noted that the bank security groups correspond to the latest requirements and ensure full protection of customer operations.

Alfa-Bank offers detailed information about preparing possible cyber attacks and information to throw that may accompany data cyberattacks. “We believe that this will be one of the previously known types of attacks, but more strong power and duration, – told Tass in the bank, adding that in order to protect against such threats in the bank uses a multi-level security system that will prevent the negative consequences of cyber attacks and to ensure continuity of customer service. “

Similar protective measures adopted in other banks. The press service of the Russian Agricultural Bank Tass reported that the bank attaches great importance to cybersecurity and that a real assessment of the scale of cyber threats and neutralize possible negative consequences connected with them all the necessary measures have been taken.

“We are closely monitoring the potential threat of all, we provide a set of measures necessary to protect data and resources of our clients on cybersecurity Bank interacts with.” FinTsERT “Bank of Russia (CBR cybercrime Service)”, – stated in the Moscow Credit Bank.
The press service of Raiffeisenbank told that actively cooperate on cyber security and anti-fraud with the banking community (eg, ARB sites), with the Central Bank, as well as with leading Russian and global companies.
Do not be left without support

Financial authorities also do not plan to throw the credit institutions in distress in the case of hacker attacks. Their willingness to help banks, said the Bank of Russia and the Ministry of Finance.

The Central Bank has the necessary tools to assist banks in the event of cyber attacks, said previously the head of the regulator, Elvira Nabiullina. “We are in cooperation with the FSB and possess such information that may be simultaneously and cyber attacks, and information attacks Such attacks have been important that the banking community to prepare them to reflect the central bank has the tools if you want to help the banks…” – she said.

The Ministry of Finance is ready to provide financial support to banks. “We hope that the Security cybersystems banks will reflect (preparing attacks), we believe that banks in general are very well prepared, but if necessary, the Central Bank and the Treasury will provide additional liquidity.” – Said Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseev.

source : TASS – Russian News Agency

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