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A Poem By Petya Dubarova: Saturdays

Saturdays On Saturdays I’m unappreciated – wild, flexible, and lively as a lynx. And tiredness, having turned into a whim, vacates me like a wound – healed up and faded. School totally collapses in my mind and I am far ...

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A Poem By Petya Dubarova: Mood

Mood The whole sky stumbled on a cloud, And tumbled like a temple dome. Then like a plane, it shrieked, it shouted. And I saw, angered again and dumb, The night rain, lean to kick The clipped off border of ...

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Poem By Andrey Bely: To Blok

  To Blok 1. Alone, alone amidst the mountains. Seeking You. I’m wading aimlessly through ice-cold clouds. My soul In deathly mourning. Now having thrust the rod a’ground, I stand upon a crest. And though I may be laughing, my ...

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Poem By Andrey Bely: The Golden Fleece

  The Golden Fleece (from ‘Gold in Azure’) Turning gold, the ether grows translucent, And between the sea and this sun quiver tongues of gold. Everywhere golden coins gleam among splashes of yearning. Cliff fronts rose In a fluttering sun-veil. ...

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