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NASA Tests Robotic Ice Tools

A robotic claw, one of several innovative tools developed at JPL for exploring icy, ocean worlds like Europa. Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech Click for a full size image   NASA Tests Robotic Ice Tools Want to go ice fishing on Jupiter’s ...

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Cassini Begins Epic Final Year at Saturn

Click for a full size image Saturn, Approaching Northern Summer Since NASA’s Cassini spacecraft arrived at Saturn in mid-2004, the planet’s appearance has changed greatly. The shifting angle of sunlight as the seasons march forward has illuminated the giant hexagon-shaped ...

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Titan’s building blocks might pre-date Saturn

New research on the nitrogen in Titan’s atmosphere indicates that the moon’s raw materials might have been locked up in ices that condensed before Saturn began its formation. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute Titan’s building blocks might pre-date Saturn A combined ...

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The Planets: Saturn

The Planets: Saturn Saturn is the farthest planet from Earth that can still be seen with the naked eye. Saturn’s spectacular rings give the planet a distinctive appearance that captures the imagination in a way that few other celestial objects ...

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New Views of Titan’s Land of Lakes

 With the sun now shining down over the north pole of Saturn’s moon Titan, a little luck with the weather, and trajectories that put the spacecraft into optimal viewing positions, NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has obtained new pictures of the liquid ...

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A Fresh Look at Northern Lakes on Titan

  During closest approach of this Titan flyby, Cassini’s visible and infrared mapping spectrometer (VIMS) instrument will, for the first time, acquire images of Punga Mare.   It will also view the surrounding area, including Ligeia Mare and some of ...

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